"I can't thank you enough for helping me make my dream a reality. You were a godsend through the entire process and so patient. You have no idea how much I appreciate you helping me find me home."
- Cashnita


"Thank you for your hard work and open eyes and ears that helped us get into our first home. We're just around 2 months in and already feel it is our own. Thank you again!"
- Ryan & Maddie


"We met with two other realtors before deciding to enlist Debra to help us buy our first home.  Debra’s warm professionalism made her extremely likeable.  We knew that we didn’t need to worry about her reputation or ego interfering with our process, and saw that as an important asset in choosing someone to act on our behalf.  Our impression turned out to be accurate and along the way we heard praise for Debra from other realtors and real estate professionals – she is forthright, experienced, and a pleasure to work with.

Debra was patient and flexible during our home search.  She spent several Saturdays taking us to see houses, and we saw about 30 houses together before we made an offer that was accepted.  Debra seemingly worked all the time, as she responded to emails promptly and prepared paperwork immediately, even outside of usual business hours.

Debra also provided excellent referrals to local professionals to handle the details for us along the way.  We ended up going with Debra’s recommendations for our financing and inspections after consulting with others.  Her network is top-notch.   Ultimately, we purchased a beautiful home for significantly under the asking price and we are completely satisfied with our experience.  Thank you, Debra!"
- Rebecca Morgan & Dan Rufener


"Combining business with friendship can be tricky, but in this case, I could not have asked for a better business partner than trusting the sale of my home to my friend Debra Neal!!! She was an AWESOME realtor to work with and our friendship has grown even deeper throughout the process of selling my Portland home.

"Fall/Winter is not the very best time to put a home on the market but Debra jumped right in to work with me, answered all my questions and concerns, gave me hope and encouragement when needed and her expertise helped me make all the right decisions along the way! Thank you Debra! You truly helped make the process a surely great experience!! I am beyond grateful and even more grateful for the awesome gift of your friendship."
- Becky Hartsfield


"I've bought three houses in my lifetime and Debra Neal is BY FAR the BEST AND MOST DEDICATED and GODLIEST agent I have ever met."
- Mark and Bonnie Wilson


"Debra Neal is the BEST REALTOR ever!"
- Victoria Patterson


"Thank you Debra Neal at Realty Trust for a great selling experience. I really appreciate your patience and perseverance. You turned the difficult experience of selling my sister's condo into a positive one. If anyone is looking for a realtor, I strongly recommend Debra!"
- Mary Brown


"Thank you for helping us find a Great home!"
- Cimone Schwoeffermann


"When I contacted Debra Neal eighteen months ago about how to become a first homeowner, she automatically referred me to a program which will help me finance and educate me about house buying.

Buying a very first house is one of the most important and stressful experiences people encounter during their lives. It is very important to engage the right person who provides personalized service to guide you through this purchase. Debra Neal was the right person for me. Her professionalism and responsiveness would be an asset to any individual or family seeking a real estate transaction.

Debra listened well, was attentive to my needs and strived to understand my likes and dislikes. I didn’t feel rushed. I was not that easy to work with; I was very slow to make decision and I changed my mind just few hours before the deadline to deposit the Earnest money! She was very patient and did not mind keep working with me. I found Debra to know the area intimately, to know the inventory available, she knew the back story on properties which was very helpful, and she kept up with new inventory that came onto the market that might interest me.

When I found the right home for me and my family, Debra helped me close the deal, negotiate favorable terms, and was there to assist me until I had the keys in my hand! She managed to be at the closing which was scheduled at 7am. She was very dedicated! Her vast knowledge of market analysis, contractors, financial options, legal issues, etc. showcases that she is the best in the industry. Through our journey, I watched Debra educate the other realtors while they provided misinformation or demonstrated a lack of experience."
- Sylvie Gbeteh


"It was such a pleasure getting to know you while you helped us find just the right house.. You listened to what we wanted in our new home and what area of Portland we were interested in. We really appreciated your thoroughness in our search. It was a pleasure working with you as you showed us several homes that fit our needs. You took the stress out of buying a new home by setting everything up and letting us know where we had to be and what we would have to do. Our new house fits us perfectly and we feel like it is our home. Thank you for all your diligent work and caring for our needs. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy a home."
- Sincerely, Jim & Kathy Tuttle


"I’ve been a mortgage lender for close to 15 years, and have worked with many, many, many Realtors during that time.  The three most important areas I look at and assess in a realtor are:

    1. 1. Do they put their client’s interest before theirs?
    1. 2. What is their level of Professionalism?
    1. 3. Do they have the experience to give good advice to their clients?

"Debra rates “Excellent” in all those categories, and I’d feel more than comfortable having her represent my family in any real estate transaction."
- Dan Summerfeldt -  Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company


"I had the pleasure of working Debra for three months recently during which time I had lots of fun searching for my new home.  Her pleasant personality, skillful approach and promptness came together in a way that made it almost effortless for me to do my part.  If you choose Debra for your agent, be prepared for the best to happen."
 - Jane Connealy


"Debra, please include this in your portfolio: I so appreciate the hard work and skill that Debra exhibited in the recent sale of our Mother's home. This sale had many challenges because it was in need of extensive up-dating and had an unfinished addition. Debra used her marketing skills to obtain the right buyers for us. Whenever there was a need for her to be at the home she was there. Our house is now closed and we are so happy with this. Not only did we gain a house sold, but also a wonderful personal friend. I highly recommend her for anyone selling or buying a home."
 - Sincerely, Howard & Leslie Ferris


"It was my good fortune to employ Debra Neal to sale my home.  Shortly after hiring Debra it became immediately apparent she is extremely service oriented and dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals.  Her dedication along with her skills and experience were invaluable.  Her guidance and advice was dependable accurate and thorough.  Any service she could provide was readily available to me at the slightest request, which was invaluable considering I travel a lot.

I would highly recommend Debra Neal for all your real estate needs."
- Michael Tilley