Debra Neal, Principal Broker
Earth Advantage Broker

A native of Portland, Oregon I remember my first home buying experience and the personal reward of homeownership. As an experienced broker it is my desire to help people see beyond their present situation and to achieve their dream of home ownership, the marketing of their current residence and the acquisition of their next home.


"Combining business with friendship can be tricky, but in this case, I could not have asked for a better business partner than trusting the sale of my home to my friend Debra Neal!!! She was an AWESOME realtor to work with and our friendship has grown even deeper throughout the process of selling my Portland home.

"Fall/Winter is not the very best time to put a home on the market but Debra jumped right in to work with me, answered all my questions and concerns, gave me hope and encouragement when needed and her expertise helped me make all the right decisions along the way! Thank you Debra! You truly helped make the process a surely great experience!! I am beyond grateful and even more grateful for the awesome gift of your friendship."

Becky Hartsfield

"I've bought three houses in my lifetime and Debra Neal is BY FAR the BEST AND MOST DEDICATED and GODLIEST agent I have ever met."

Mark & Bonnie Wilson

"Debra Neal is the BEST REALTOR ever!"

Victoria Patterson

"I had the pleasure of working Debra for three months recently during which time I had lots of fun searching for my new home. Her pleasant personality, skillful approach and promptness came together in a way that made it almost effortless for me to do my part. If you choose Debra for your agent, be prepared for the best to happen."

Jane Connealy


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